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What violence and risk of violence do children and young people in migration face in Belgium? How to improve their protection and uphold their right to assistance and quality victims care? These are the questions tackled by the “Become Safe” project, implemented by Défense des Enfants International in Belgium, working hand in hand with children, young people, and professionals in contact with them. The project is ongoing: it started in January 2021 and will end in January 2023.

Why this webinar?

This webinar is aimed at giving you an overall description of the Become Safe project and an overview of the activities conducted in the frame of the project’s work package on consultations and campaigns amongst children and young people at risk.


  • Alice, Diana, Laeticia, Laith, young facilitators of the BECOME SAFE project: 4 young facilitators who strongly supported the project’s implementation amongst children, teenagers and parents will testify about their experience as volunteers.
  • Emmanuelle Vacher, Defence for Children International Belgium, coordinator of the project: Emmanuelle holds a Master's degree in Public International Law and a Master's degree in International Relations and Humanitarian Action. As a project coordinator in child protection, she mainly works on violence against children in migration, child safeguarding gender-based and domestic violence. She is currently coordinating the BECOME SAFE project.

Who can attend?

Anyone who is interested in these topics and/or would like to be inspired/has questions about the project.

What to expect?

This webinar will tackle the following points:

  • General presentation of the project with a focus on awareness-raising
  • The challenge of recruiting and training young facilitators
  • Consultation with children to identify main forms of violence
  • Creation of adapted awareness-raising material
  • Workshops with children, youth and parents: focus on the importance of a trusting environment
  • Disseminating materials: education kits as a good practice
  • Q&A

Practical information

More information about Become Safe on the project page

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